The Cement Alliance partners include many of the world’s top cement technology companies as well as smaller local partners, representatives, and service companies. Together with this unique network, they offer technical solutions for almost any topic in the cement world. Each technology partner maintains its own individual style and cultural identity, bringing the richness of diversity and multiculturalism to the Cement Alliance. At the same time, each company shares a common dedication to the highest technology standards and customer service.

Alfran Refractories is the first international company to offer high temperature solutions for the changing needs of the industry in refractories, insulations, passive fire proofing and heat treatment.

Alfran has over 80 years of experience as a leading company in the manufacture and installation of refractories, with a focus on cement kilns, for which they provide turn key solutions for Greenfield, brownfield and maintaneance projects

Bedeschi was established in 1908 and is today one of the oldest European companies that generates turnkey solutions for sectors of the industrial industry in handling, cranes, and bricks.

Bedeschi's Product Line Includes:

• Bulk Handling
• Marine
• Mining
• Revamping

• STS (Ship to Shore)

CemProTec is a revolutionary company when it comes to the production and optimization of clinker coolers. The reason we say this is because CemProTec provides the most technological advance transport and thermal efficiency thanks to their tailor-made German solutions that are made to fit your necessities. 

CemProtec's range of services regarding the optimization and upgrades of the clinker cooler makes them a valuable partner for any Cement Plant. The reason we say this is because CemProTec is not only able to create and produce the most efficient tailor-made clinker cooler for your plant, but they can also upgrade and optimize your existing cooler to new standards with fast return in times on most cost effective budget.

Cement Technology Consulting (CemTeCon), located in Fort Lauderdale, FL is an independent technical service company, supply, and consultancy for the industries of cement, lime, aluminum, and non-ferrous for the American and Caribbean markets. 

CemTeCon is a  project integrator and supplier for all parts of the cement plant and has been working with some of America's most important cement groups since 1999. CemTeCon is also known for developing projects and solutions across the US and several Latin American countries with the Cement Alliance partners. 

Elin Motoren is an internationally recognized company working on rotating electrical machines and solutions. As a part of their performance philosophy, they develop perfectly tailored solutions - powerful, reliable, cost-optimized products that, thanks to their over 120 years of experience, can generate value over your plant's entire life-cycle.

ENOTEC is a leader in the field of process and flue gas analysis and is dedicated to manufacturing the most precise and durable analyzers. Whether it be for oxygen or O2 and COe analysis at different measuring points (e.g.: downcomer, ESP filter, stack, etc.), or continuous high-temperature gas measurements in kiln inlets. ENOTEC is the dedicated supplier for your continuous (24/7) analysis of flue gas.

ESTANDA has always had a strong development in the area CEMENT, being nowadays a recognized international supplier of reference in the field of steel castings for the sector.

Our products and projects for the CEMENT sector cover the integral cement manufacturing process, with parts and components for the grinding circuits of the raw material and cement, preheaters, kilns and clinker cooling, feed systems, other ancillary systems.

It also offers additional technical services in product design and process optimization and solutions, assembly and commissioning, technical after-sales service and spare parts, adapting itself to the most demanding technical requirements of its customers.

PM-TECHNOLOGIES is an equipment manufacturer, operating world-wide,
servicing the cement and minerals industries.

For the cement industry, PM-TECHNOLOGIES specializes in kiln plant optimization,especially in the upgrading of calciners and preheater cyclones.

In addition, the optimization of cement grinding plants and especially the use ofthe patented CLASSICLON high performance classifier has established PM-TECHNOLOGIES as one of the leaders in this field.

Our company is a renowned system provider, with an extensive reference list for highly advanced products and tailor-made solutions. Analysis and optimization of existing installations above all else make PM-TECHNOLOGIES a recognized

Sibilia is an internationally recognized company working on industrial vacuums and dusting solutions. With over 30 years in the industry, Sibilia can offer solutions adapted to every requirement, guaranteeing the machines' perfect efficiency and the services of complete assistance and training, providing customers perfect efficiency in a short time.

SICK is a German-based company with more than 70 years of experience in manufacturing sensors and sensor solutions for industrial applications. With more than 10.000 employees worldwide SICK is active in the fields of factory, logistics and process automation. The company offers more than 40.000 products, solutions and systems which are used to either increase work safety, to automate and optimize production processes or to control emissions. In the cement industry SICK is a trusted partner for gas, dust and flow measurement solutions used for continuous emission monitoring and process control as well as for material handling and safety applications.

TRIE is an emerging company recognized for improving the performance of cement and lime plants through the practical application of science and technology. Our team has more than 30 years of expertise in solving industrial plants’ challenges of any complexity. With the help of cutting-edge cloud computing and web technologies, our products and services are available worldwide.

TRIE SMART FLOW is the ideal analysis tool to explore cost-effective options for burning alternative fuels, flame control, emissions management, production upgrades, and optimization of equipment in general. See every detail from any angle of your equipment by interacting with its 3D visualization. Access the results from anywhere directly in your web browser.

TRIE ANALYTICS is a complete solution to collect, filter, and autonomously fuse all the Big Data you need for accurate daily and long-term decisions. With advanced modeling and artificial intelligence onboard, interactive dashboards, soft sensors, and the integral assistance of our expert network, your plant will be ready for the real Industry 4.0. Devote your precious time to actions, such as implementing cost reduction and pursuing high-efficiency opportunities.

Connect your plant to the future with Trie.

Unitherm Cemcon is a worldwide supplier for the cement, lime and mineral industry. With more than 70 years of experience, Unitherm provides a wide range of highly advanced tailormade firing systems designed and manufactured in Austria. 

Unitherm's Product Line Includes:
• M.A.S Kiln Burner
• Calciner Burner
• Burner Management Systems
• Hot Gas Generators 
• Fuel Supply Systems 
• Secondary Fuels

When it comes to shredding technology, UNTHA is the quality leader in all the markets they serve. UNTHA differentiates itself from its competitors through the extraordinarily high reliability of its products and services, which enables them to generate economic benefits for their customers. UNTHA'S shredding solutions also help save valuable raw material resources, promote material reuse and recycling, and facilitate profitable energy from waste recovery. UNTHA is therefore making a valuable contribution to sustainable environmental protection.

For more than 40 years, UNTHA has been the most reliable brand in shredding technology. Which will continue long into the future as they do not abandon their customers and make no compromises with respect to reliability. The usual rule is: Once UNTHA, always UNTHA. Their worldwide customers remain loyal to the UNTHA brand and recommend them to others.

Vidmar is a leading company in the manufacturing and supplying of equipment for weighing, dosing, control, automation, and industrial software, using the latest technology available.

Vidmar performs tailor-made solutions in technology and development of industrial and process equipment. They are one of the specialized suppliers of the International Weighing and Automation sector with its own technology.

Vidmar's Product Line Includes:
Continues Weighing & Dosing
• Static Weighing 
• Conveying & Storage 
• Automation
• Industrial Software
• Engineering & Turnkey Projects 
• Accessories 
• Services